Jeff Thompson

There is a hidden art to sculptures created in hot glass. It is the dance of balancing molten glass & coaxing it into existence, but this is a privileged view point like knowing how a magician performs his illusions. I am inspired by my team of artists which provides me with the skillful hands required to create my visions in sculpture. Everything I make requires talented assistants, and sometimes I require up to five on the most difficult sculptures.  My team lets me focus on creating the sculptures of my dreams. Behind the art there is a scientist in me and I find it very satisfying to design, engineer and build my studio equipment which includes crucible furnaces, oversized kilns and many various peripherals.  This global view of my process gives me the ability to create custom equipment or melt special glass formulas and is a requirement for my own mastery of the medium.

I create sculptures in a broad range of styles, or series.  I tend to delve into a series for several months at a time then my mind will desire a new realm of creation, so I move into a new series.  I internally process the work in the previous series, as well as digest the finished result of my vision.  When I revisit the series I have a fresh approach and new ideas for where the series will go next.

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